Does Prayer Make a Difference?

Does prayer make a difference? There was an experiment conducted several years ago by a church in Phoenix, AZ. Intercessors randomly selected 160 names from a local phone book. They divided the names into two groups–and prayed regularly for one of the groups, i.e., for 80 homes. The other 80 homes were not prayed for. … Continue reading Does Prayer Make a Difference?

GPD’s Partnership with Ethne To Ethne – Prayer Case Study

GPD’s Partnership With Ethnê To Ethnê “Month-to-month, region-by-region… Prayer changes things!” Testimony: Global Prayer Digest (GPD) has been partnering with the Ethnê movement’s prayer initiative since 2006, paralleling their issues with the more general cyclical focus month-by-month and region-by-region. It was estimated that altogether 3-4 million believers around the world are praying along with the overall … Continue reading GPD’s Partnership with Ethne To Ethne – Prayer Case Study

Crimean Tatars – Prayer Case Study

Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine and Prayer Sas Conradie, Global Generosity Network “Preventing War Through Prayer…” Testimony: It reminded me about what we did in May 1999 in Crimea (then part of Ukraine). At that point there were about 10 Crimean Tatar Christians while church planting in general was very difficult. God then showed us that the … Continue reading Crimean Tatars – Prayer Case Study

Prayer Changes Things!

EXTRAORDINARY PRAYER + STRATEGIC FIELD OUTREACH = ABUNDANT FRUIT "It's like fish jumping in the boat!" In August 2005, without the group intentionally realizing they were paralleling their efforts with the new Ethnê movement’s prayer initiative, a small missions team from Virginia stumbled into this incredible fruitfulness in one of the aimags [provinces] of Mongolia. … Continue reading Prayer Changes Things!

How Can We Pray for the Least-Reached?

“Look at the nations and watch – and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”  -- Habakkuk 1:5 What is the problem? 2,000 years ago Jesus commanded His disciples, “Go make disciples of all ‘nations’.” More than 6,800 of the 16,000 “ethnê” … Continue reading How Can We Pray for the Least-Reached?