2023 Coaching

Schedule a time that works for YOU

45 Minute Sessions

One of the Fellowship of Prayer Strategist’s goals is to pass on wisdom from one to another. FPS is offering one-on-one coaching in Prayer. We have coaches from North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia ready to jump in and coach you or your team on how to be more effective in prayer on the field, in your church, or personally.

Bring your questions to the Coaching Session for a live one on one session with an experienced Prayer Strategist Coach. Once you sign up below, someone from FPS will contact you directly about viewing the available coaches, their topics of expertise, and a way to schedule a meeting with them. You can choose a specific Prayer Strategy to discuss or bring your questions about prayer to the table for discussion.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is a Prayer Strategy?
  • How can I implement a Prayer Strategy in MY atmosphere (church, ministry, country, etc.)
  • How can I help others grow in this Prayer Strategy?

Meet the Coaches (Click Here)