Prayer Shield Teams

Identifying and relating to personal/corporate intercessory teams to strengthen effectiveness and fruitfulness.

Just as Aaron and Hur came alongside Moses as he stood interceding on the mountaintop for the battle between Joshua and the Amalekites in the valley below, prayer shield teams come alongside the worker and their teams. The victory was assured as long as Moses’ hands remained lifted high. These three formed such a prayer shield for Joshua and the Israelites. In the New Testament, Peter was imprisoned but the Church was praying. God sent His angel to deliver Peter in response to their intercession. Prayer shield teams surround workers spiritually and amplify their effectiveness and fruitfulness through strategic intercession. They intercept and thwart demonic schemes to hinder work. They join in seeing resources released for kingdom purposes. They battle spiritual forces standing in the way of breakthroughs. They release the Holy Spirit’s working in the lives of new believers to hinder Satan’s interference as they grow strong in the Lord.

Resources for Onsite Prayer and Scribing:

Interview with Maureen Bravo on “Onsite Prayer and Scribing”

Recognize the need for effective prayer shields for ministry gatherings, network and partnership meetings, and strategy teams? Listen to Maureen Bravo as she is interviewed by Liz Adleta of the Ethne prayer workgroup and Fellowship of Prayer Strategists sharing her experiences facilitating these onsite prayer teams.

Recording what the Holy Spirit is speaking to the Church and believers through what Maureen calls “scribing” is also discussed and sample prayer panels can be viewed here:

Ethne 2012 Korea Prayer Room Panels


Pray Big and Pray Bold: a 25-minute Urbana plenary video by Sundar Krishnan