Does Prayer Make a Difference?

DoesPrayerMakeADiffImage01Does prayer make a difference?

There was an experiment conducted several years ago by a church in Phoenix, AZ. Intercessors randomly selected 160 names from a local phone book. They divided the names into two groups–and prayed regularly for one of the groups, i.e., for 80 homes. The other 80 homes were not
prayed for. After 90 days they called all the homes offering to stop by and pray for the family.

Of the 80 homes they didn’t pray for, only one person invited them to come in. Of the 80 homes that were prayed for, 69 invited someone to come over and 45 invited someone into their home. (Doug Kamstra, The Praying Church Idea Book)


Prayer makes a difference!

We have friends in India who conducted a similar experiment. They picked two villages. One of the villages they prayed for and the other they did not. When they later went in to proclaim the good news of Jesus, the
village they had not prayed for threw them out. In the other village, the one they had prayed for, 45 families became believers.


In the story of how we started a church in the low-income housing projects, the first thing we did was to pray. In the next post, I’ll talk some more about prayer walking. Have any of you ever seen something similar?

By: Felicity Dale, Simply Church Link to article: pulled 11/22/15 Blog: Twitter: @felicitydale

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