52 Week Movement Prayer Guide

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The material in this prayer guide was produced by the 24:14 Coalition (2414now.net) in cooperation with Finishing the Task. If you would like to understand movements and how they work, please visit 2414now.net/movement-basics. It builds on Jesus’ promise in Matthew 24:14 that the good news of his kingdom will be proclaimed to every ethne—every people group—before he returns at the end of this age. Given the rapid increase of global population, the only way God’s kingdom is currently growing faster than population increase is through church-planting movements (CPMs)—a rapid multiplication of disciples making disciples, and churches reproducing churches, to four or more generations. Part of God’s biblical strategy for starting (catalyzing) such movements is reaching households and groups (note the Greek word oikos used for example in Luke 10:5,7; Acts 16:15,31; Col 4:15) rather than just reaching individuals. This weekly prayer guide includes a theme with related Bible passages and prayer requests aiming toward engagement of every people and place with a CPM catalyst team. Over the 52 weeks, we will pray for disciple-makers (those who help others become obedient followers of Jesus), movement catalysts (those God has called to pursue initiating new movements) and movement leaders (those God is using to lead existing movements). Movement catalysts may come from within a given culture (inside catalysts) or from a different culture (outside catalysts). May the Lord guide and use all of our prayers to advance his kingdom among those still unreached.

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